Opublikowano: May 4, 2020

Dear Globaltica supporters and fans,

We know that we have waited a long time to announce the following decision. We were hoping that we would be able to meet with you and the best world music at Gdynia's Kolibki Park this year. However, he have to face the truth. Given the current pandemic in Poland and the world, the forecasts of its development, governmental restrictions and bans on mass events as well as international travel, and the unlikelihood of having them lifted in the foreseeable future, we have decided with great regret to cancel GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival 2020. We believe that safety and health of festivalgoers, artists, tech crew and all the people involved in creating our festival must be taken into consideration.

It is the only reasonable and reponsible decision we could take, no matter how painful it is for us and for many of you. It's extremely hard to image summer in Gdynia without GLOBALTICA, but this summer is going to be exceptional globally. However, we are looking into the future with hope and joy knowing that we will meet again in Kolibki Park in July next year.

We would also like to announce that we're working on online events that will give you at least a glimpse of the festival's unique spirit and atmosphere. We're going to reveal the first attractions soon.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, don't lose hearts and behave responsibly in these difficult times. See you next year!

Piotr Pucyło
artistic director
GLOBALTICA – World Cultures Festival

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