Gdynia, Park Kolibki, Al. Zwycięstwa 291 - the gate opposite to Shopping Center Klif.

We advise you to use public transportation and bikes!

Bus stop: Kolibki 01, lines: S, 21, 31, 710

Station: Gdynia Orłowo


All attendees of GLOBALTICA 2020 and persons staying on festival premises must behave in a way which does not endanger other persons, and must follow the rules specified below.

  1.   The following persons are not allowed entry:
    1.  persons entered into the registry of persons barred from mass events,
    2. persons attempting to bring alcohol, abusive substances, psychotropic drugs, weapons, pyrotechnics and explosives, as well as other hazardous items or tools onto festival premises,
    3.  persons under the influence of alcohol, abusive or psychotropic substances,
    4. persons behaving in an aggressive manner, refusing to show a credible ID document or refusing a luggage or clothing inspection (for cases of suspicion of attempting to bring the above substances or items onto festival premises),
    5. minors without adult guardians.
  2. The following persons will be expelled from the premises:
    1. persons who behave in a violent manner, disrupt the event or pose a danger to others,
    2. persons who entered the premises despite being barred from entry, or brought the above prohibited substances or items onto the premises.
  3. Persons staying on the premises must follow the instructions of the event safety personnel.
  4. Persons resisting the event safety personnel will be handed over to the Police without delay.
  5. Using pyrotechnics is prohibited on event premises.
  6. Minors are a responsibility of their adult guardians.
  7. Attendees acknowledge that entering event premises is equivalent to issuing consent to being photographed and filmed free of charge, as well as to other forms of recording in relation to the event.
  8. Persons using the camping field are also bound by a separate set of rules.
  9. In case of fire or other threats, persons staying on the premises should:
    1. immediately inform the event security personnel,
    2. avoid panicking,
    3. follow the instructions of the event security personnel and announcements,
    4. move towards the exit, disperse,
    5. not obstruct access for rescue services.
  10. All tickets and passes must be exchanged for wristbands before entering festival premises. One wristband is issued per person, and a wristband cannot be given to another person. Damaging or breaking a wristband means that the ticket is no longer valid, and such persons are no longer eligible to enter festival premises.
  11. Children younger than 12 years old can partcipate in the July 24th and 25th concerts free of charge with an adult ticket holder
  12. Persons with moderate or significant disability, needing an assistant, after showing their ZUS Card can obtain one ticket for them and the assistant for the 24th and 25th July concerts.
  13. Bicycles belonging to festival attendees must be placed in a dedicated area outside festival premises.
  14. It is prohibited to bring dogs onto festival premises (except for guide dogs).

Persons who fail to follow security instructions issued pursuant to relevant provisions by the Event Organiser or event security personnel shall be liable to a fine of up to PLN 5,000 , and may also be barred from entering mass events for a period between 3 to 12 months (Art. 21 section 2 and Art. 22 of the Act of 22.08.1997 on mass event security, Journal of Laws No 106 item 680).

IMPORTANT NOTE: polish version is a binding one



1. The festival camping field is a separate, enclosed area on the premises of Park Kolibki in Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291, which includes: the camping area, portable toilets, washrooms, showers, social and technical facilities. 
2. The camping field is open 24 hours a day.

3. The organiser of the camping field is Fundacja Kultury Liberty.

4. It is required to pay an entry fee to gain access to the field, and only persons with identification wristbands are allowed entry.

5. It is mandatory to wear a wristband on the premises of the camping field.

6. Persons staying on the premises of the camping field must wear a valid identification wristband on their wrist. Lack of an identification wristband, using a broken or damaged wristband, as well as wearing a wristband in a place other than the wrist, serves as ground for expulsion from the camping field. New identification wristbands are issued only after paying the camping field entry fee.

7. The camping field is to be used for tents and campers.
8. On the premises of the camping field, it is forbidden to:
    • start fires
    • use open fire in tents
    • use fireworks
    • use gas bottles
    • use electrical devices (electric kettles, water heaters)
    • connect devices to the field’s electrical network
    • damage the field’s infrastructure and greenery
    • disturb the peace
    • litter
    • bring dangerous items onto the premises
    • bring alcohol and abusive substances onto the premises
    • bring animals onto the premises

9. Users of the camping field must follow the instructions of the organiser’s representatives and of the security personnel.

10. Minors (under 18 years of age) can only be allowed entry after presenting a declaration filled out by his or her parents/legal guardians.

11. Persons who violate these rules will be expelled from the camping field and barred from reentering without reimbursement.

12. Any damage caused by persons using the camping field are to be paid for pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Code. Expulsion from the premises (point 10) does not exempt the expelled from the obligation to repair the damage caused.

13. The organiser bears no responsibility for items lost or left without supervision on the premises of the camping field (including in tents) outside of the luggage store.

14. All remarks, information about hazards and complaints should be communicated without delay to the organiser’s representatives on the premises of the camping field or to the field’s security personnel.

15. The organiser reserves the right to change these rules.

These rules come into force on 21/01/2019

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