Main Stage, 27 July 2018

Adam Strug is a unique and rather mysterious figure: on the one hand, he creates his own moving music and writes heart touching poems. On the other hand, he is an attentive researcher of culture, he listens, writes down and tries to save from oblivion the old songs of native folklore . He is a singer and instrumentalist as well as a songwriter. He composes music for theatre performances,  films and also writes scripts  for documentary films.

He was born in 1970 in Pisz. In the 1990s, he co-founded the legendary group Bractwo Ubogich, later he co-operated with Kapela Brodów. He is the leader of Monodia Polska band, which practices traditional Polish songs passed down form generations in oral tradition. His own songs are performed by such reputable artists such as Stanisław Soyka or Wojciech Waglewski and many more. He also collaborates with Michał Lorenc and the Polish Dance Theatre.

His latest album, Leśny Bożek - well received by the press and listeners - is already the artist's fourth, original production. The songs featured on it speak  about the antinomies of human fate: love, death, hope and disappointment. In the literary layer, alongside Strug's texts, we find poems by Leśmian, Staff, Asnyk and the folk poet Jan Pock. In the musical layer - entirely composed by the author – one can hear  inspirations drawn from  Polish traditional music and  elements of the Middle East's culture. Strug's music is characterized by unusual lyrics and minimalism. The author often declares that his works are created to popularise collective singing of poems by Polish and foreign authors.

During the concert at Globaltica, Adam Strug and Kompania will present the material from their latest album.

Adam Strug – vocal, accordion
Szczepan Pospieszalski - trumpet
Michał Żak - clarinet
Mateusz Kowalski - mandoline, grate, vocal
Wojciech Lubertowicz – percussion instruments
Hipolit Woźniak – double bass, cytara